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Tales of origin:

This frozen land of the north was once a lush domain of life under the ownership of Vimoa primordial god of Sun and Life, his own personal garden the land was filled with strange creatures of all kinds however his pride in place would be its downfall.
Having angered Sindela primordial goddess of Ice and Darkness by vastly reducing her holding on the mortal plane she struck back at the place he favoured the most, intending to spill her own divine blood upon the land causing it to freeze for a time.

Vimoa caught Sindela in the act and struck out however and the two fought, divine blood of both Sun and Ice, Life and Darkness feel upon the ground until Sindela feel mortally wounded.
Ironically it was this Vimoa over protectiveness that forever cursed the land to snow, his blood the only reason life could still live in the place.
It was this battle that led him to slowly leave the mortal realm granting his powers and portfolio to the young new gods that now rule the divine.


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